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Dry Land Conditioning for Training and Competition

The purpose of a land warm up is to raise the gradually heart rate and warm up the muscles, this is both important to prevent getting injured but it also allows swimmers to perform at their best in the water - whether this be in training or in a competition.

An active cool-down has a similar purpose in that it gradually lowers the heart rate and relaxes the muscles.

A land warm up should last between 10-15 minutes and a cool down should last 5-10 minutes.

Some ideas and how to structure your land conditioning are below:



Heart rate raise


Jogging with high knees and heel flicks

Star jumps

Mountain climbers


Complete at least 3 dynamic and 3 static stretches

Dynamic stretches -

Double arm ski swings - butterfly pull down motion, swing back forward, bend at hips

Alternating arm swings - tap opposite foot

Cross body arm swings - swing arms out to the side and back in to hug the body

Side lunges - drop the hips down rather than back and keep chest up

Arm circles and leg swings - gentle and increase speed of motion gradually

Static stretches -

Butterfly stretch - sat down feet together knees out, stretch inner thighs

Chest stretch, arm @ right angle flat against wall, rotate body away from it stretching across chest

Pike stretch - standing legs straight and together, try to touch toes and go as far as possible, roll up gently and try again


10x glute bridge with 3 pulses on each rep

Superman arm and leg extensions - 4 point position, lift opposite arm and leg up straight and back down

Slow squats - knees to a right angle

Lying side clams - feet together, knees bent, top leg lifts to separate knees and back together

Press ups on the knees, slow and controls keeping head in line


10x Press ups

10x Squat jumps

10x Jump lunges

Sprints on the spot


Complete at least 3 stretches from each category

Upper Body

Tricep stretch above head

Shoulder stretch across body

Shoulders and chest - Interlink fingers in front and behind

Chest stretch against wall


Hands on hips, lean to one side then other, then forward and bak

Cat and cow stretch

V sit - reach in front and towards each foot

Cobra/seal stretch

Lower body

Lunge into hip flexors stretch

Butterfly sitting stretch - pulse knees up and down and reach over legs

V legs reach for toes, feet shoulder width apart

Cross over leg and twist upper body to look over shoulder

Standing hamstring stretch - lean over straight leg

Standing quad stretch


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