Monthly Coaching Fees 

Academy 10                                 £12

Academy                                      £33

Skill Development 1                      £45

Skill Development 2                      £50

Competitive Squad                       £56

Performance Squad                     £61

Swim and Coach                          £40

Masters 1                                      £24

Masters 2                                      £37

Student (paid annually)                £70

Fees are payable by monthly standing order, on the 1st of each month. ​We are unable to accept cash or cheque payments. 

Additional Fees

A £15 administration fee is due for all new members.

All members must also be members of Swim England.  This provides insurance cover and is essential if they wish to enter any competitions.  The membership fee for Swim England is paid annually, and is subject to change. This year’s fee for Category 1 swimmers (Masters) is £17.20, Category 2 swimmers (all other squads) is £37.25.  These payments are made as part of your monthly invoice.


If two members of the same family are members then there is a 5% reduction of the total monthly fee, for three or more members of the same family there is a reduction of 10% of the total fee.  As an example:


1 x Academy member and 1 x SD 2 member from the same family = £83 less 5% (£4.15) = £78.85.

2 x Academy members and 1 x SD 2 member from the same family = £116 less 10% (£11.60) = £104.40.